Why Virtual CIO Services

Why are Small and medium Businesses not getting the full benefit of IT Revolution?

Most companies, these days, depend upon technology to run their businesses. The business processes that run all activities from sales order through cash receipt are increasingly dependent on specific software. Additionally, all communications with clients and vendors, as well as among employees are also highly dependent on technology.

Whatever your specific business may be, the business processes, associated technologies and people (holistically referred to as business process systems) that operate them are your business’s “cardio-vascular system”.

In addition, Information Technology is increasingly becoming complex as more features are becoming available at lower cost. For example, across all industries a paradigm shift from “premise-based systems” to “cloud-based systems” is occurring. This shift, while providing significantly more features at a lower cost, can be more complex. Questions about compliance, support, systems access and security need to be addressed.

However, many companies employ technicians to deploy, maintain and run IT. This is not ideal. You cannot successfully build a mansion without proper planning and architecture. While carpenters and plumbers are important, you need to architect and design before starting to hammer nails and lay pipe.

Big businesses have known this for a long time. In the past, small and medium-sized businesses have viewed investing in architecture, design and project management as a luxury. As a result, they continue to have poor quality IT systems and support, but at a much higher cost. Ultimately the business process systems are not optimally supported.

Some companies are realizing that investing in ADP (Architecture, Design and Project Management) has a clear competitive advantage by delivering higher quality, more reliable and appropriate IT services, operating at a lower cost.

Advanture Group provides ADP through its Virtual CIO services at reasonable cost to small and medium size businesses. Our clients in this space have increased by 10 fold during 2015.

Adapt Virtual CIO services, deploy knowledge effectively and grow your business!

Missing Fourth Leg

Many Private Equity companies while making an investment do a thorough job assessing leadership, financials and the core product/service and associated technology of the candidate company. But these constitute only 3 of the four legs of the company. The more difficult fourth leg is often missed and very often causing to trip.

What is that fourth leg: Most businesses operate end to end business processes covering all aspects of business from order to cash and many of them use either individual or enterprise wide applications. These processes, associated technologies and people that operate them (referred to as BP systems) are the Cardio vascular system of a business. Understanding of the nature and state of the BP systems is critical to achieve investment goals through reorganization and/or expansion by organic and inorganic growth.

Assessment of Business process systems and plan for ERP after the acquisition is the critical fourth leg and will ensure a successful acquisition.

Cloud Computing For Small and midsize Enterprises

Cloud Navigation Services

Cloud computing has been a buzzword for many years in the IT circles, but, it is not a buzzword anymore as many enterprises are actively implementing cloud solutions. CIOs used to feel that moving to the cloud meant losing control and data security being compromised. Combination of Public and Private cloud solutions have improved service quality, reduced the IT costs and are effectively addressing security issues. Thus Cloud solutions do not need to be limited to forward-looking large businesses any more.

Still, many Small and medium companies have not taken advantage of this. They often feel that only the big companies are implementing Cloud strategy. This is slowly but steadily changing.

The IT industry is at the threshold of another major change. Cloud Computing will bring many applications within the reach of small and medium businesses at reasonable cost.

Public Cloud solutions have been there for a while and are well known. With proper Security evaluation and huge computing power, companies can gain access to turbo-charged major league Technology (Infrastructure and applications) on a Tee Ball budget. This will also free up their personnel to bring real business value to their firms rather than fixing servers and chasing SW patches.

But companies can not go to the vendors directly. They need help in assessing their needs, developing an architecture and cloud computing plan. They need to invest in frontend planning and developing roadmap before plunging into implementing cloud solutions.

This is where “Cloud Navigation” services come into picture. Companies like Advanture Group offer these services to small and medium size companies and assist them with Cloud Navigation Services (assess, advise, help implement and offer continued support)